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security risk investigation action-利来国际官网

 june this year is the 18th "safety production month" of the whole country. on may 8, 2019, the office of the security committee of the state council issued the "notice on the implementation of the national"safety production month"and"safety production wanlihang"activities in 2019. the theme of the"safety production month"in 2019 is"preventing risks, eliminating hidden dangers and preventing accidents".

hain's law reveals that behind every serious accident, there must be 29 minor accidents, 300 attempts and 1000 hidden dangers.

in mid-may, the company first launched a "safety hazard investigation" campaign. all safety personnel and workshop team leaders were divided into two teams to conduct a comprehensive self-examination of safety hazards throughout the plant. everyone carefully inspected the duration of use of fire extinguishers, the height of shelves, the placement of labor insurance supplies, the dead corner of sanitation, and so on. keep a good record.





on may 20, the street assigned a third-party security company to conduct a more professional security hazard investigation on our company, pointing out potential problems and areas for improvement.


a total of 80 hidden dangers have been found in this "safety hazard investigation" operation. at present, 72 have been rectified and 8 are still being tracked and rectified. inspection and rectification are mutually complementary relations. only when problems are found in inspection and rectified, hidden dangers are continuously eliminated and optimized and perfected, can the ultimate goal of safe production be achieved.

updated date:2019-05-30